Corporate Finance

We acts as independent financial advisors in corporate transactions for any economic sectors. We provide a wide experience in the design and execution of strategies to add value before the sale of the business. 

Our target consists in analyze and identify different strategies of sustainable corporate growth, organic and inorganic, in order to maximize the value of the business. 

We provide a relevant support to the board of directors in the following tasks:

  • Identify strategic investment opportunities. 
  • Evaluation of risks linked to the transaction
  • Estimation of financial returns.
  • Transaction´s execution: mergers, acquisitions, capital increase, spin off, splits, constitution of holding, etcetera. 
  • Investors´ search. We identify buyers for companies or assets acquisitions, capital increases, etcetera. 
  • Independent financial valuations. Valuations of companies or assets.
  • Exchange equation in mergers of companies.

Financial consulting

We help to our clients to review financial margins and leverage ratios. 

We implement financial tools of control in order to anticipate potential illiquidity situations. We provide a financial team that will advice you in the periodic business plan review and the identification of new financing sources. 

Main services: 

  • Business plan review and feasibility studies. We elaborate or review business plans for any business. We project the operating cash flows based on an exhaustive market analysis. After projections, we leverage the operating cash flows according to market financing conditions, checking the capacity of the business for debt repayment. In this way, we estimate financial returns for any specific project. 
  • Financial Due diligence. As independent financial advisor, we review the financial statements and the business plan of a company in term of a corporate transaction, identifying potential financial contingencies as a high debt ratio, an incorrect amortization schedule, deferred taxes, financial projections according to the market, etcetera. 
  • Reduction of cost structure. Identify strategies for cost reduction.
  • Financing search and refinancing process. Analysis of funding opportunities: bank financing, private investment or public aids. Identify strategies to generate cash: alternatives to increase income or reduce costs, sale of non-core assets, etcetera.
  • Implementation of dashboard. Development of an analytical accounting. Integration of management´s  tools, key performance indicators. Financial or non-financial indicators required by a management tem in order to evaluate the business evolution, financial results, determinate business targets and make strategic decisions.


Before a competitive business environment, as a result of the globalization and a dynamic market, companies have to develop policies of business model review, control of costs, development of new business lines and digitalization strategies.

Our strategy´s services are focused on the improvement of the financial results by the following strategies:

  • If possible, to generate operating and financial synergies.
  • Cross-sectional analysis of the business. Distribution of underused resources, financial or non-financial resources.
  • Improvement of operating profit margin. Development of policies that improve the productivity and the business profitability reviewing options to increase prices, costing on a variable basis, outsourcing of some specific resources, improvement of internal process, digitalization, an efficient supply chain, customer retention, sales and marketing update.  
  • Identify corporate growth strategies. Following-up of the competitive set and the demand´s evolution, analyzing opportunities of organic and inorganic growth.

Human Resources 

Our team of labor and human resources outsourcing develops the following tasks:

  • Payrolls and social insurances. 
  • Recruitment.  Admittance and dismissals of employees. Selection process for any position. 
  • Freelance workers and other special regimes. 
  • Implementations of working arrangements. 
  • Application of pensions and other benefits.
  • Preparation of reports for industrial accidents. 
  • Grants and public aids.
  • Remuneration. Benchmarking, design of new structures of remuneration according to the business and to specific positions. 
  • Strategy. Design and optimization of a corporate organization according to the market conditions and the characteristics of the business. Implementation of policies to increase the productivity through the innovations in the job positions, flexibility on the period of work, internal protocols, etcetera.  
  • Training. Identification and development of training days in order to improve the worker´s knowledge on its own job position. Development of relevant capacities and principles as leadership, corporate culture, communication, teamwork, etcetera.

Real Estate

Our consulting team provides a wide experience in real estate transactions, mainly in hotels, logistic warehouses, residence halls, geriatrics and residential projects. 

Main services: 

  • Transactions. Financial advisory on a share or asset deals by an agency agreement.  
  • Strategy. We identify strategies to add value to the asset before the transaction. 
  • Asset valuation. Financial valuation for any type of real estate asset. 
  • Feasibility study and market analysis. We analyze the capacity of an asset to generate cash in order to attend financial debts and to distribute dividends. Previously, we make an exhaustive market analysis.
  • Operator search. We maximize returns through the maximization of rents, creating orderly process to lease the assets, in which many operators make its best offers. 
  • Operating partner. We can participate in a project as an operating partner in Spain, providing financial and legal services (tax, accounting and labor) and identifying opportunities to add value to the asset.


We help to entrepreneurs to design and execute its own business plan. We filter projects as a financial investor, and we give an important support for its management team, mainly in financial and legal aspects. 


  • Transactions. We identify business angels or venture capital funds interested to invest on the projects, which previously have been filtered by our financial analysts.  
  • Financial and legal due diligences. 
  • Periodic review of the business plan. 
  • Company valuation.