Audit of grants

ARC has a large team of experts in the review of projects funded by specific grants or public aids. This projects must require some specific standards established by the international, European, Spanish or local law.

Scope of services: 

  • Verification of some specific requirements established in the applicable regulation.  
  • Following-up of the correct utilization of the funds. 

Our team has a large experience in the auditing works on the public aids provided by foreign organizations. This kind of projects use to take with them financial and legal reviews in foreign currency and review od international regulations.

Financial Management Services

The correct estimation of the profitability-risk combination adds a core value in the business management. 

Our non-audit clients use to ask for financial works that provide an independent analysis over some strategic aspects for the business:

  • Assistance in corporate government, internal management, financial information and reporting. 
  • Control of the cost structure. 
  • Review of the accounting-regulatory compliance.
  • Internal control over funding sources. 
  • Analysis of financial milestones in the business decisions. 

Accounting advice

Our financial department provides a high standards of quality in the financial and analytical accounting maintenance according to the current regulation and with the correct implementation of the Spanish General Accounting Plan and the International Financial Reporting Standards. Also we develop and implement IT tools that provide an efficient and reliable reporting.

Some specific services: 

  • Cost reduction by the outsourcing of the accounting and financial team.
  • The implementation of the current financial regulation.  
  • The optimization of the internal financial controls and an enterprise resource planning.

Forensic Audit

Our target consist in the maintenance of the corporate reputation of our clients. We help to its management teams to adopt an ethic professional behavior, either within or outside the Company. 

For this reason, we offer different tools to identify inappropriate actions or criminal conducts that affect to the Company, through the investigation of any tax evasion or financial frauds. 

If it was necessary, we can elaborate an expert report, in which we can develop the conclusions and legal basis of our investigations.

Agreed procedures report

We have a team of auditors with experience in the review and valuation of the business management made by a specific governing body.

This works are summarized in an agreed procedures report, which are hired, on a voluntary basis, by the stockholders, a mother company or a specific management body. 

These works must be made by an independent professional and are intended to give transparency to an entity or to a management team for a specific time of period.